14 10 / 2013


Many of us sign up for a cell phone plan that we sometimes find inadequate to meet our needs. Unfortunately budget constrictions often mean that we cannot afford going for something more expensive. In order to avoid surpassing the set parameters on your plan, it would be better to simply find ways to cut corners that are legitimate and fun. The whatsapp for android application is a great tool for helping eliminate or seriously limit the cost of not only text messaging but also file sharing and chatting. It makes use of 3G and Wi-Fi connections to facilitate connection. This means that for most people who work and live in areas where free online connections are available or have unlimited data plans, it is the most affordable way to communicate with friends and family.

Right from the time you install the application, you get one year’s free use of it. Thereafter you only need pay less than a dollar in annual subscription. This is the limit of the cost of this application. Given that it can be used across various smartphone devices it also means that as long as you can get your family and friends on board with its use, all of you get to make incredible savings. The application facilitates file sharing of various media content including images, audio files and videos. The chat function can also be carried out within groups.

As long as you have downloaded the application you do not need to log in and our each time you use it. If you leave the application, the next time you return you will immediately be notified of unread messages. Communication internationally does not affect costs either. It is a popular and easy to use application currently in use among millions of smartphone users. If you are looking for a way to save on your cell phone costs and want a truly smart application to do it then look no further than http://www.whatsapp-android.com.